This probably fits up there with the crop circles entry (Yeah right thatch, Binaural crop circles… it’s time to take the medication again isn’t it?).

OK the first link is a really good article on Live recording using binaural gear.
Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround
and the second is really just because ” We’ve been there” {See movies page or the Pugfest Celtic Adventure about halfway down the page} and is about how to record druids chanting in a stone circle, he has some pictures here of the Avebury recording.
Binaural Dummy Head. Images copyright © 2005 Steve Marshall. All rights reserved.

The big orange thing is the binaural dummy head.

Anyway enough showing off. Steve Marshall has a lot of interesting things to say about location recording, 5.1 mixing and translating 5.1 to stereo. Well worth a look.


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