Testing the Post 2 Email via Jetpack Module

I decided I wanted to revive my blog this year so I had a look at what options were available and an article about the postie plugin being down piqued my curiosity. I had a…


Tales of a Zoom H4n – Ian Bland and The Lamington Drive Orchestra

Ian Bland and The Lamington Drive Orchestra @ Caravan Music Club

Long-suffering readers will be well aware of Ian Bland (You can read all the previous entries about later MFI –  My Friend Ian ) So to bring you up to date Ian has a new album out…


Tales of A Zoom H4n – Madison Violet – Portarlington

It’s been 4 years since their last trip to Australia and Madison Violet have finally returned. AND to top it off they are playing at Harvester Moon, quite a no-brainer really, a quick phone call to Dominic and we had a table booked. We were off….