Open Multiple Web Sites in Tabs in Firefox

Weird, but I only noticed this the other day. Another one for the “Reasons to move to Firefox” List.

Did you know you can set Firefox to open multiple Web sites at once? This would be helpful for skimming all those Web sites you check out when you turn your computer on in the morning. No longer do you have to go to each one, one by one. You can now load them all up in one go, read them, then move on to more important tasks.

Here is how it is done.

First, go ahead and open up those five or six Web sites you check out every single morning. Once you have them all loaded up in their own tabs

Now right-click on the body of one of the tabbed Web sites, and select “Bookmark This Page…”.
Once you do that, a new window should pop up, asking you where you want to save the bookmark.
At the bottom you should see a new check mark box that says, “Bookmark all tabs in a folder”.
Tick the check box, select where you want to save it and then hit the OK button.

Cool Huh?

That should have created a new folder with the name of the first Web site you had opened up. If you want you can right click that folder and rename it to something such as, “000-Morning News”.

To get them to all open up, you can navigate to that folder in your bookmarks, then click “Open in Tabs”. (You can also Right Click on the folder and Open in TABS is an option).

As a bonus tip this time, you can also do this with any set of bookmarks you have inside a folder. The “Open in Tabs” option should be somewhere down the bottom inside any bookmark folder you have.

Have fun.


Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” 20050829

Good Morning,

Here is your weekly waste of time. (There is some more stuff on the blog ) anyway on with the show.

We haven’t harassed the feline animal world for a while so this week checkout

Flash Time: Spend a little time today (that’s polite for blow the whole morning) with “N, ‘the way of the Ninja.'” This Flash game will keep you occupied through 30 “episodes” of gold, exploration, and killer robots. I like the character animation here. It’s really expressive for something that is so simple. A perfect way to start the week ! Make sure the volume is down.

Poom is like that game you play when you’ve only got one ping pong paddle (or tennis racket) and one ball: you just keep bouncing the ball straight up in the air. Except, er, Poom is really fun(??). The catch, your “paddle” consists of an ever-changing grid of blocks.


R|Mail: RSS to Email

Using R|Mail, you can subscribe to any RSS feed and it’s emailed to you. Just copy and paste the feed link into the RSS field and enter your email address. That’s it.

Very Cool.

Technology Trust No One

oe magazine – photofakery

How can you not like a magazine that touts itself as OE “The SPIE Magazine of Photonics Technologies and Applications”.

What the hell does it all mean. I’ll have a look at the rest of the magzine and see if I can figure it out. But here is why we are mentioning them OE magazine – photofakery (Jan 2005).

Yep the CSI-verse (you know DNA results in 10 minutes, enhance that blurred out of focus picture of a number plate 27 quadzillion times and read the rego number) unmasked. A How To Tell A Fake Photo course. This dovetails with the Evaluating Online Info article.

It’s a really good read.

Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround

This probably fits up there with the crop circles entry (Yeah right thatch, Binaural crop circles… it’s time to take the medication again isn’t it?).

OK the first link is a really good article on Live recording using binaural gear.
Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround
and the second is really just because ” We’ve been there” {See movies page or the Pugfest Celtic Adventure about halfway down the page} and is about how to record druids chanting in a stone circle, he has some pictures here of the Avebury recording.
Binaural Dummy Head. Images copyright © 2005 Steve Marshall. All rights reserved.

The big orange thing is the binaural dummy head.

Anyway enough showing off. Steve Marshall has a lot of interesting things to say about location recording, 5.1 mixing and translating 5.1 to stereo. Well worth a look.

NPR : Robert Moog: Music Pioneer

Just in case you missed the news, Bob Moog died last Sunday at his home in Asheville, N.C., age 71. He had been suffering from an inoperable brain tumor.

NPR (Public Radio in the states) replayed an interview with Moog from 2000. He plays a couple samples on the Minimoog.

There are some other links on the page .

NPR : Robert Moog: Music Pioneer Interview

Bugger, another one’s gone, another one bites the dust.