The Open CD Organisation

No. This has nothing to do with the Sony XCP copy protection debacle. This is about

TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation.

The following apps have been included on the CD


Open Loops: When Time is Short

Open Loops has a great post called A Quick and Dirty Reading Strategy When Time is Short.

To quote…
“The first thing that one has to realize is that all reading is not the same. Reports are written for a different purpose than articles. Articles are written for a different purpose than letters. Letters are written for a different purpose than proposals. Yet, most of us try to read all types of reading materials the same way. The first rule of plowing through reading materials is realizing that some material deserves a thorough and precise reading and some does not. Don’t feel guilty in not giving some material deep attention if it doesn’t deserve it.”

This is a great idea on how to save time and keep up.

Impediment To Productivity: Greenpeace Whale-Flip!

I suspct that this whole Flash game thing is seriously getting out of hand, even Greenpeace has a game called Whale-Flip!

The deal in Whale Flip is, you play two whales, one pink and one blue a la Ice Climbers, and your goal is to trap the submarines inside of bubbles and then propel those bubbles to the top, ejecting the submarines from the sea. You blow bubbles with the blue whale, and then switch to the pink whale and use its “whale song” to maneuver the trapped subs. All the while, you must avoid trapping the friendly fish.

Simple and fun, if a bit weird.

The serious message is about stopping Korea’s Whale Meat factory. Do have a read.

Free Wiki by Schtuff

Want to set up a Wiki, but don’t know where to begin? – What is Schtuff? Schtuff is a FREE Wiki service. They’ve made the traditional Wiki easier to use, and tacked on a few really nice features like tagging, custom permissions, and an image gallery

What’s a Wiki?
A Wiki is a website that lets anyone easily create and edit pages, promoting group collaboration.

So head over to, sign up for a free account, define your domain and add your “spaces”, the pages that make up your site’s contents. It’s easy-to-use but if you’ve never used a wiki before and you just want to explore, make sure to read through their copious help documents.

Schtuff is really flexible, you could use it to collaborate on group projects, create a blog, share photos with your family, take personal notes… the possibilities are endless! Have a look at some of the existing space examples.

Stopping Malware and A Decent Browser.

There were a bunch of emails about the AntiSpam stuff. It seems some of you were having difficulties with some of the installs. So here is a much expanded post (but not yet perfect). Sorry it’s so long but there is a fair bit to cover.

You may want to run off a dead tree printout of this as it will give you somewhere to make notes on any differences that you find (these programs are updated all the time). Oh yeah, get a deck of cards, yep playing cards, some of the disk scans below take awhile and NO you cannot pop up Solitaire while you are waiting. Besides there a a couple of reboots which will mess up your game scores.

OK, it’s show time.
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Google Help : Cheat Sheet

Google LogoGoogle, love it or hate it I’ll bet you still use it all the time and I’ll also bet you have the uneasy feeling that it could so much more if only you knew hot scratch below the surface of what it can do.

As an example: Open Google and type in 3.5 australian money in GBP and the answer comes back 3.5 Australian dollars = 1.49364357 British pounds (or it did when I typed it in). Cool huh?

But it gets weirder. Try opening Google and typing in 2.4 GBP per gallon in australian money per litre

This is so much better than using Google to look up “currency converters” and ending up with 13 gazillion Western Union type sites (although’s Universal Currency Converter, which I have used for years, is in the Google “I’m feeling lucky” slot and you could do a lot worse)

Anyway. Who knew? Well if you want to up your geek quotient go and check out Google Help : Cheat Sheet Then you too will know how to do stuff like this, Google’s cheat sheet covers stuff , like calculator options, advanced operators (like using site: to restrict searches to a particular domain), and some selected services. For added weirdeness, check out even more advanced operator tricks.

Note: Google own the logo in this post above and are working on owning the rest of the world 🙂