aurgasm: Imogen Heap Interview

Once upon a time there was a song called “Let Go” by a band called Frou Frou. (I am not making this up).

It was one of those perfect pop songs that just sneak into your brain, clear out a bit of space and take up permanent residence. It was so insidious I didn’t even need to have it on my walkman. As I said “perfect pop song”. It was never going to go away. Now I hasten we aren’t talking “xxx Idol” manufactured pop but just mainstream tunes that mess your head up and have you walking around smiling like an idiot all day.

Imogen Heap is the voice behind Frou Frou and aurgasm: ( a rather nice music blog who really deserve a post of their own one day) have done an Interview with Imogen Heap :: your favourite music you’ve never heard .

It has a couple of MP3’s including the insidious “Let Go” and some of her earlier and later work as a solo artist. I am undecided about the older material but willing to give it a go. Come here boy is instantly accessible but Hide and Seek off the new album is just an awesome piece of electronica.

Go have a listen and don’t blame me about “Let Go” if it gets stuck in your head. (Remember I’m from a big family… I know that it’s always some one else’s fault). And don’t forget to have a rummage around the rest of the aurgasm site as well as well, there is some really really good stuff. Like the man said “all your favourite music you’ve never heard”.

Let me know what you think of Let Go.


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