Those French people Part II (insert more head shaking here}

Those French people they are it again, what can I say. Now this was written by a leading London paper, but it’s the Times so surely they aren’t going to let the usual French baiting get in the way of good (possibly great) story. And remember “I am not making this up”.

French Banks caught by €5m spy sting
The Times October 07, 2005
By Adam Sage

“AN INGENIOUS fraudster is believed to be sunning himself on a beach after persuading leading banks to pay him more than €5 million (£3.5 million) in the belief that he was a secret service agent engaged in the fight against terrorist money-laundering.

The man, described by detectives as the greatest conman they had encountered, convinced one bank manager to leave him €358,000 in the lavatories of a Parisian bar. “This man is going to become a hero if he isn’t caught quickly,” an officer said. “The case is exceptional, perfectly unbelievable and surreal.”

My favourite bit is where he rings a bank manager, tells the manager that one of the banks biggest customers is a terrorist and he needs all the money in the bank so he can mark it, oh and by the way could you pop it in the third cubicle of the mens toilets.

Surreal!!! Surreal was several light years backs, this is way past surreal.
Oh yeah, “Too late guys, the story is on the internet”.
And of course he’s going to become a hero, I mean I’m impressed. I can’t get my bank manager’s name and this guy can get the money delivered to the third urinal on the right in Le Bar Seedy. No questions asked.
Stuff of legend.

So after you have read the article we’ll wait.

OK all done? Now here are the pop quiz questions.

  1. Would you put your money in a French Bank?
  2. Would you believe anyone who said they were from the French Secret Service (you know the dudes who sink boats in NewZealand with plastic explosives)?
  3. Who is going to star in the movie (I’m voting for Jean Renoir)?

There are no prizes (and probably no wrong answers).

Still while we are at it here is a tasteless Flash game with stereotypical French references.
Balance the baguette at the boulangerie.
Hint: Avoid the croissants, just like in real life… they are bad for you.

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