Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround

This probably fits up there with the crop circles entry (Yeah right thatch, Binaural crop circles… it’s time to take the medication again isn’t it?).

OK the first link is a really good article on Live recording using binaural gear.
Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround
and the second is really just because ” We’ve been there” {See movies page or the Pugfest Celtic Adventure about halfway down the page} and is about how to record druids chanting in a stone circle, he has some pictures here of the Avebury recording.
Binaural Dummy Head. Images copyright © 2005 Steve Marshall. All rights reserved.

The big orange thing is the binaural dummy head.

Anyway enough showing off. Steve Marshall has a lot of interesting things to say about location recording, 5.1 mixing and translating 5.1 to stereo. Well worth a look.


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