Impediment To Productivity: Chopper Inferno Game

Way back in the dim dark past when Jools and I started being seduced by the Commodore 64, there were all these weird little games one of the best was “Sword of Fargoal” (you want to talk about Impediment To Productivity, this won) and there were all kinds of shoot ’em ups. sort of captures the simple fun with Chopper Inferno Game
It’s a game of endurance which requires you to shoot a series of enemy planes and just survive. The controls are simple: Up,Down,Forward,Back and a spacebar to fire bullets Watch out for the occasional capsule on a parachute, it gives you a plus 10 armour that will repair some of the damage to your chopper.

Simple and fun. It’ll blow a lunch break in nothing flat and there are about another dozen games on the site.

Have fun.

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