Create a Ghost Boot CD

Ok, lets get the geek alert out of the way. because the topic today is How to Create a Ghost 8.0 Network Boot CD.

The Information School at the University of Washington has a great page about how to do this.

You see, the problem is that the Ghost Boot is getting so large by the time you stick in a few drivers (usb, cd, network) that it gets really hard to fit it all on a single floppy, not to mention the PC’s we are seeing now without actual floppies and creating a boot CD when using Ghost 8.0 is a problem because while many CD burning applications can easily create a bootable CD from a floppy disk image, if everything doesn’t fit on a single floppy it is much more complex. At this time Symantec does not support creating Ghost Boot CD’s so you are on your own figuring out how to do this.

This is a ripper.

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