CSS From the Ground Up

CSS From the Ground Up

CSS (like all really good ideas) I have been assured is mind bogglingly simple.
So mind bogglingly simple in fact, that I find it really really hard to get my head around. But I am working on it.

I suppose that it is one of those “baby steps” things. Read the material, do some exercises, stuff up a lot and before you know it you are dashing around like a golden labrador with a frisbee, and the site looks halfway decent. Great theory huh?

Anyway one of the good series of baby steps apart from the Sitepoint books (love those Sitepoint Books) is a site called CSS From the Ground Up, this is a resource worth bookmarking and once you have got through that lot, then stroll over to Web Developer’s Handbook. I will swear that Vitaly Friedman has collected every CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. blog and reference site on the web… or at least he’s giving it a good nudge.

I also like design.Principles, it is listed as a “very handy collection of links for anybody who develops Web sites. Aimed primarily at front-end/UI people, which is fine since there’s so many back-end solutions there’s no way one page could capture all those links (although Vitaly could probably give it a shot :-)). But it works great for the UI people.” Check out his recommended collection of links. (and yes he is covered in Vitaly’s list).

So basically there is a ton of stuff out there and it’s just waiting to be read.


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