CSS: Multi-Column Lists – A List Apart

Continuing with the ongoing learning curve of CSS, I stumbled across this “A List Apart

One of the things I have been curious about is how to handle lists. In my tech support role I have found that punch lists are a great way of keeping track of where you are upto, and if I could get a web-based one well that would be a lot better, and then there were the tables, and making the little boxes and Excel was all of a sudden looking WAY easier.

Now I think that it may be time to dust this old idea off again. Have a read of
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Swag: Multi-Column Lists and think of some of the 😎 possibilities.

To quote from Paul Novitski’s article…

“One of the minor holy grails of XHTML and CSS is to produce a single, semantically logical ordered list that wraps into vertical columns.

The ideal situation, in my view, would be a single XHTML list whose wrapping is controlled entirely by CSS. Further, the wrapped list should tolerate text resizing (easily accomplished by styling everything in ems).”

and that sounds pretty good to me. I am still learning about the iner bits of CSS ( if I have a hassle with it I give it to Jools ) but sites like this are really helpful. And they solve problems that you didn’t even know you had… yet.


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