Daisy – A Personal Web Assistant

It’s time for a little Firefox evangelism.

This is a beta release and should be treated as unstable, experimental software. If you are not comfortable installing or using experimental software, please do not install this software at this time. A stable version will be released soon.

And today we will be extolling the virtues of Daisy – Your Personal Web Assistant

Daisy’s Feature List
Daisy aims to make your web surfing experience simpler and more productive. Daisy:

  • Is an archiving proxy server
  • Stores all data on your local machine not on third-party servers
  • Keeps a detailed record of every site you view
  • Indexes all content viewed for full-text searching
  • Provides a simple search interface
  • Can recreate any web page viewed at any point in time

Daisy is “an archiving proxy server,” OK I can hear you dozing off out there. And it doesn’t sound all that exciting thing until you figure out what it really does.

Daisy is a plugin for Firefox that takes every web site you visit and stores a copy of it locally, so even if you don’t have an Internet connection (think laptop on public transport) or if your History gets purged, you still have complete access to that great article you found two weeks ago.

What’s really spiffy is that every web page you view is indexes for full-text searching, so, unlike the History, even if you don’t remember anything about the page’s title or URL, you can still find it by searching for keywords.

Download Firefox first. (I’m assuming you dont already have it)
Download Daisy next and follow the notes on the homepage

Degree of difficulty? about a 7 and its a 35M download. Lets just call it “Advanced”

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