Hollywood Owns Your Tele Part III

Continuing on from Hollywood owns your Tele Part II, CNET News has a FAQ on the next WIndows DRM and antipiracy stuff. You need to read between the lines a bit but it’s a good read.
FAQ: Vista’s strong, new antipiracy protections | CNET News.com

My Favourite Quote… “The new technology, which could go as far as automatically turning off outputs connected to devices deemed insecure, is aimed at persuading Hollywood studios that the PC can be as safe as any consumer electronics device. Microsoft hopes that Windows-based computers will ultimately form the heart of digital home entertainment networks”.

Yeah sure guys. You win us over by not allowing us to watch legally purchased DVD’s because we didn’t buy a new monitor/video card/PC to go with the NEW operating system. This is not unlike the RIAA’s strategy of putting copy protection stuff on CD’s so that it wont play in PC’s/ car cd players/walkman’s because I just might pirate it. So I wonder how Microsoft are going to get around that one?

This sounds like a winning strategy to me.

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