Firefox – Tabbed Browsing

So after reading about Scrapbook you took the plunge and loaded up Firefox. Good on you. Here are some things that will help…

Set Multiple HomePages as tabs
Did you know that instead of just one web page as your homepage, you can make your home page several pages. Here’s how.

Select your favorite web sites and open them in a set of tabbed windows.
Go to Tools -> Options and select ‘General’.
Under ‘Home Page’, press the ‘Use Current Pages’ button.
Now when you hit the Home button on the Navigation toolbar, your favorite web sites will load with just one click.

Bookmarking a set of tabs

You can bookmark a set of tabs when selecting ‘Bookmark This Page’ or Ctrl D Check the ‘Bookmark all tabs in a folder’ checkbox to store all the tabs in the current window into a Bookmark Folder.

This is my favourite. Cycle Through the Tabs

While it’s easy to select tabs with a mouse, you can also cycle through tabs using the keyboard:
use Ctrl PgUp (or Ctrl Tab) and Ctrl PgDn (or Shift Ctrl Tab).
You can also select the first tab by pressing Ctrl 1, and so on up to the 9th tab with Ctrl 9.
If you have a middle mouse button, click it on a tab to close the tab.

Also remember that choosing too many pages at once as your default homepage will cause Firefox to take much longer to start up. And it will happen EVERYTIME you open the browser. I find that I use three quite happily.

Which three? An internal calendar that Jools and I use, the blog you are reading and my webmail client.


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