A5 Gridbooks and Free Graph Paper

A long time ago I discovered the joys of gridpads (graph paper) too scribble out notes and diagrams on. It’s so cool when half your life was spent figuring out strange studio cable routes and the other strange network routes.

Then I discovered you could get A5 books of gridpaper. WooHoo, it justs keeps getting better, small notebooks AND grids and then the company making the gridbooks stopped making them. Bummer. I drove Jools crazy.

Now over at incompetech.com there is a fine selection of Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs. They have grids, graph paper, music paper, symmetrical dots, hexagonal, and even Cornell Note Taking System PLUS types of paper, you never knew you needed.

So a quick download of a PDF, a quick resize ( and this is covered on the PDF generator page), a quick printout (yeah right a fast printer, I dont think so), a “quick” tram ride to Kinko’s, a quick photocopy and binding, a quick handing over of the wallet (Kinko’s are good but they do like to be paid, go figure) and there you have it.

An A5 Gridbook and a happy thatch (always a good thing).

Incompetech we thank you.


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