Free Wiki by Schtuff

Want to set up a Wiki, but don’t know where to begin? – What is Schtuff? Schtuff is a FREE Wiki service. They’ve made the traditional Wiki easier to use, and tacked on a few really nice features like tagging, custom permissions, and an image gallery

What’s a Wiki?
A Wiki is a website that lets anyone easily create and edit pages, promoting group collaboration.

So head over to, sign up for a free account, define your domain and add your “spaces”, the pages that make up your site’s contents. It’s easy-to-use but if you’ve never used a wiki before and you just want to explore, make sure to read through their copious help documents.

Schtuff is really flexible, you could use it to collaborate on group projects, create a blog, share photos with your family, take personal notes… the possibilities are endless! Have a look at some of the existing space examples.


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