The Future of Film Making

The Hollywood has interviewed a bunch people in the movie industry about where they see the future going. My favourite quote is from the Neil Gaman interview…

“In terms of the future of filmmaking, I’ve (been working on the screenplay for) “Beowulf” with Zemeckis recently. It was a script that we originally wrote as a live-action film, and suddenly we’re doing it as a motion-capture film. Again, all the rules are turned upside down. There was one scene that I started writing, and I phoned Bob Zemeckis and said, “We’re working on this scene, and we’re worried it might be too expensive, this whole dragon battle.” Bob just said, “There’s nothing you and Roger Avary could possibly write that will cost me more than $1 million a minute to shoot.” It’s suddenly indicating a universe in which everything costs the same, whether it’s a man battling a dragon or a bunch of people having a party.”

$1 million a minute?????. What planet do these people come from

Check out George Lucas on sound and James Cameron on cameras as well. George Lucas and James Cameron are toy junkies… and aren’t we all putting up our hands to play with them.

And not to far away from all this is the fact that people are running around with scripts and ideas and cheap (price not quality) digital cameras and challenging the whole $1 million a minute edifice.

Bumpy ride ahead.

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  1. Google-YouTube (gootube?),, and the other online user video sites are just the tip of tip of the iceberg. Once someone figures out a way of easily uploading and delivering high-quality video content over the internet, the floodgates will open wide and the current filmmaking paradigm will change. I just finished watching Project Greenlight 1,2,and 3 and if what I saw was only 10% true, the current studio-based paradigm needs to change and change radically.

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