Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” 20050801

Good Morning,

A mixed bag this week, there wasn’t a lot silly enough to really warrant a “serious time waster” tag.

This is weird. The LEGOTIC Self-Adaptative Hand

This is Japanese TV silly. A Guy is strapped down into a pack of pressurized tanks and launched into the air. I thonk mythbusters should look into this one.

This is just weird. A song about cows who start a revolution against their farmers (Ahh George Orwell if only you had been a Flash guru instead of a writer )

So for all you people up the back who came in late, the all time favourites by amount of feedback/abuse thus far are

Google Earth (and just by a whisker

“Language is a Virus” catching up fast

and The National Geographic article on tornadoes

is running third.

(I actually think the the games ones are the most popular and that everyone is so sucked in to them they dont have as chance to send feedback/abuse).


(currently listening to old Tom Waits and Jackson Browne songs)

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