Google Help : Cheat Sheet

Google LogoGoogle, love it or hate it I’ll bet you still use it all the time and I’ll also bet you have the uneasy feeling that it could so much more if only you knew hot scratch below the surface of what it can do.

As an example: Open Google and type in 3.5 australian money in GBP and the answer comes back 3.5 Australian dollars = 1.49364357 British pounds (or it did when I typed it in). Cool huh?

But it gets weirder. Try opening Google and typing in 2.4 GBP per gallon in australian money per litre

This is so much better than using Google to look up “currency converters” and ending up with 13 gazillion Western Union type sites (although’s Universal Currency Converter, which I have used for years, is in the Google “I’m feeling lucky” slot and you could do a lot worse)

Anyway. Who knew? Well if you want to up your geek quotient go and check out Google Help : Cheat Sheet Then you too will know how to do stuff like this, Google’s cheat sheet covers stuff , like calculator options, advanced operators (like using site: to restrict searches to a particular domain), and some selected services. For added weirdeness, check out even more advanced operator tricks.

Note: Google own the logo in this post above and are working on owning the rest of the world 🙂

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