Google Launches Industrial Strength Blog Search

According to Searchengine Google has finally introduced its blog search service, becoming the first major search engine to offer full-blown blog and feed search capabilities.

About two and a half years ago Google purchased Pyra Labs, the company that originally built the hugely popular Blogger publishing service, and Google has been promising blog search ever since then.

While Google web search has allowed you to limit results to popular blog file types such as RSS and XML in web search results for some time, and its news search includes some blogs as sources, Google hasn’t had a specialized tool to surface purely blog postings. In fact, while all of the major search engines have been dabbling with blog and feed search, none has done much with blog search until now.

Google’s new service (in beta, naturally) is available both at and Google blog search scans content posted to blogs and feeds in virtually real-time.

They arent kidding either I found both the blog you are reading and Jools Pontificates were already listed in it.

Amazing. {insert head shaking here}

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