Google Maps Mania

Now we all know I am a huge fan of Google Maps, I have blown a lot of hours just playing with them . But these people put me to shame. Have a look at Google Maps Mania, and to they even have an RSS feed to keep us up to speed with the changes.

A personal favourite is Dublin Commuter Trains. As you watch the trains move up and down the line, (dont forget, as a rule of thumb if it’ds morning here – it’s night there). And Weather Chaser for Victoria is pretty cool too.

Pursuing the Google Maps theme, there is a mashup at called Mologo.

Mologogo is a free service that will track a “friends” GPS enabled cell phone from another phone(gps not required) or on the web. Mologogo also serves as a dirt-cheap tracking system, so go ahead and fauxjack something.

So how weird is this, half the world doesn’t want any one to know where they are and what they are doing, the other half are plugging into “social networks” like Mologo and saying “hit me”, another half WANT to know everything about you “just in case” and probably another half of the world haven’t seen a mobile phone.

Yes I know that’s way too many halves but it’s a complicated world.

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