How to search Google efficiently

Google Basics

The Internet is a couple of billion web pages big, which can make it “needle in a haystack” difficult to find stuff. So Serge and Larry invented Google to help work through it all.

Google’s front page is just so brain dead simple, it’s brilliant. But stashed up to the right is the “Advanced Search” and who knows how to use it?

Well ,Sudar Muthu has written an article Google MyWay – How to search Google efficiently you can find some techniques which will help you to use the features of Google in an effective way.

Really really really useful.

Oblique Searching Strategies by David Seah

When Google doesn’t find what you want, it’s because you are probably using an overly-general search query, or one that has been polluted by e-commerce junk information. Argh!

To get to the real opinions on the Internet, you need to search for words that people use, as opposed to the lifeless copywriting you see in a lot of “professional business communication.” and now read the article. He has some good ideas about how to use your new found skills.
I loved this one

UN-search for marketing copy. I remember looking for reviews on a particular ricecooker (the Zojirushi NS-KCC05), and the entire search result space was saturated with Amazon and feeder microstores: basically, the exact same information over and over again. Use this against them! Find a unique phrase in the copy and ignore it in the research results by adding a – in front of it. For example, if the ad copy says something like, “re-heats rice to the perfect serving temperature”, do this search: zojirushi NS-KCC05 -“re-heats rice to the perfect serving temperature”. You’ll not see any results that contain that phrase. Thank God.

Big thanks to both Sudar and David.

Another UPDATE: Google Search Tips 2005
Here are some search syntax basics and advanced tricks for You might know most of these, but if you spot a new one, it may come in handy in future searches.

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