Google and Insidious Song Lyrics

Continuing with the “song stuck in your head” theme for a moment. Doesn’t it drive you crazy when all you can remember are bits and pieces of a song. For example Layla dumedumdedum Layla dumdedumdem. something something something ease my worried mind.

Now the dumdedumdedum bits were obviously song lyrics at some point, I mean Eric Clapton didn’t sell a gazillion copies of this little tune by singing dumdedumdedum.

So how do we find out what he was singing?

WELL. Over at Google Blogoscoped (it’s a blog) there is a great post in the How to Find… section.

The basic idea is that you open a copy of Google, bung in the line you can remember, say “ease my worried mind” (Layla would be way too easy) and remember to put the quotes around it and then add the word lyrics .

So it should look like this “ease my worried mind” lyrics

You can also use the wildcard (that’s the *) in place of the “something: as in ease my something mind would become
“* my worried mind” lyrics – Layla is down near the bottom of the page.

Google helps you stop losing your mind to sneaky song writers and their killer hooks.

Cool Huh? Gotta Love Google.


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