Hollywood Owns Your Tele Part II

Some more on the Micro$oft – Hollywood – DRM owning your TV (see Previous Article
This comes from
Hollywood, Microsoft align on new Windows | CNET News.com

“For the first time, the Windows operating system will wall off some audio and video processes almost completely from users and outside programmers, in hopes of making them harder for hackers to reach. The company is establishing digital security checks that could even shut off a computer’s connections to some monitors or televisions if antipiracy procedures that stop high-quality video copying aren’t in place. ”

I can see that some of the more technically literate are going “Well we’ll just use a MAC/Linux/whatever and go around it”. Not quite, Australia signed a free trade agreement with America with a bunch of draconian clause regarding software patents and if a court in America finds that Linux is violating the copyright of the DVD decoder software then it will be illegal to sell disstribute own that software. I will get some more references on this next week.

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