Mail2Web – Still Useful After All These Years


Mail2Web is a free Web site that lets you check the contents of any POP3 or IMAP e-mail account. In other words, if you use Outlook or Thunderbird (or any of the hundreds of POP-3 email programs out there) and want to check your email when you are away from your computer, this is the site for you.

Since Mail2Web is only a Web interface — it shows you the contents of your email inbox without actually “popping” the mail — you can read your emails on a remote computer and then, when you return to your own computer, download all of those emails just like normal. Mail2Web also lets you reply to and even delete any or all of the emails in your inbox before you ever even download them with your regular email program.

That last point is important
. Using Mail2Web, you can delete any or all emails in your inbox before you ever even download those emails.

Why is this important?

Well, have you ever had a “friend” send you a bloody huge uncompressed bitmap of a the latest “fun ” graphic that you just have to see and did it take years to download?

Using Mail2Web, you can keep this from happening again. Just go to Mail2Web and delete that hideously large email. The file goes away, and you never have to download it. Yay {insert Kermit going hysterical here}! If your ISP or workplace doesn’t offer its own webmail interface (PRETENTIA.COM does), Mail2Web is an absolute godsend.

Jools and I used this program on our first trip overseas and it worked a treat.

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