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Long URL’s, oh what a pain. For example, can you imagine the phone conversation trying to someone how to get to Pooh Bridge
or worse still, if I emailed that Google map URL to someone the thing is so long that many email clients will break that URL into two distinct lines of text. I mean look at what it does to the blog. Not real pretty :-(.

TinyURL solves this problem by automatically squishing any long URL into a permanent, smaller URL that you can easily share with others and the whole process is just so simple:

  • Copy any long URL [just highlight the URL in your web browser, right-click, and then choose “Copy.”]
  • Point your web browser to http://tinyurl.com/
  • Paste [Right-click > Paste] that long URL into the box on the TinyURL web site.
  • Click on the “Make TinyURL” button.
  • Copy the resulting shortened URL and share it with others.

For example, using TinyURL I can turn that really long Google Map URL for Pooh Bridge into something MUCH shorter: http://tinyurl.com/cawxw

If you are a fan of the “bookmarklet” (and I have to admit I’m not), TinyURL lets you add a TinyURL button to your browser that cuts the process downto one step: See “Add TinyURL to your browser’s toolbar.” on the site.

We all should probably try to use TinyURL more often.

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