Image to Icon Converter

With a title like that I figure you are expecting Bogart or James Dean or Marilyn Monroe. But we aren’t dealing with those kinds of icons today. No today we have the cute little “clutter up your desktop” type icons and a program to help you make them.

@icon sushi – image to icon converter

Icon Sushi is a free, full-featured icon editor for Windows:

* Support for Windows XP 32bit Icons.
* Support for Multiple-Icon which contains some icons in a file.
* Edit Alpha channel and Transparency-Mask.
* Open 1×1 to 128×128 size of images.
* Open 1/4/8/24/32bits colour images.
* Copy to / Paste from Clipboard.

All of which says that its quite a useful little toy and really handy to create a quick favicon.ico for your website.


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