Impediment To Productivity: Clash N’ Slash

Yet Another Flash Game. Hmm no big surprise there. But lets bring the week to a good close.
Crash & Slash Screen

This one is Clash N’ Slash by and the deal is “Protect your home planet from the endless onslaught of enemy weaponry!”

You have to stop all of the flying baddies from hitting the planet.

You navigate your ship around the planet and click to fire. (Complicated huh?)
As you progress, the baddies come faster and there are lots more of them. but in the interests of fair play ( and it gets awfully boring losing to the computer all the time) you get to choose upgrades for your ship and more (and bigger) weapons.

I have a suspicion that this whole Flash game thing is endless.
Oh yeah, better turn the volume down. This one is not Boss friendly.

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