Impediment To Productivity: Conqueror! Strategy Game

Illuminated Conqueror is a turn-based, multiplayer strategy game that takes place on a map of medieval Europe. Play on the web against as many as 16 human or AI opponents (or as few as 6), for games as short as 30 minutes or as long as 4 hours. An ingenious system of simultaneous turns means that you don’t have to wait for other players to make their moves!

If you ever played Risk you’ll probably love Conqueror.

Here is the deal: you build up troops, conquer your neighbor’s land, they have a crack at you and then you all do it again.
(Woo Hoo World Domination with trainer wheels.)
And while you aren’t taking over the world the are still things to do.
To guard against a takeover, you need to start building farms to build up your populations.
Increasing your influence in a territory to improve productivity can yields more stuff or soldiers.
If you ramp up the culture in an area, it improves a lot of other things.

The game is free, and is really really quite addictive (hmmm that’s what you call an understatement). It’s reasonably quiet. Except when the troops dont get paid, they don’t half carry on.

Conqueror! A Turn-Based Strategy Game.

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