Impediment To Productivity: Kreta

is a twisted maze game.

You play Ariadne, who was the love of Theseus in the Greek myth of the Minotaur. Once Theseus was in the labyrinth, he used a piece of yarn (given to him by Ariadne) to find his way back out of the maze. Of course, the whole time he’s got the Minotaur at his back.

In Kreta, you actually play one of the gods, who is trying to rescue Theseus. But the twist is that you and the Minotaur (who only wants to kill you) can play certain cards which have specfic effects on you or the Minotaur. Most are simple movement cards for getting around the maze. Other cards are more nefarious, like turning the Minotaur to stone for a bit or picking you up and moving you around on the wind ( and in my case dropping you right next to the Minotaur ensuring a very rapid end to the game… I lost). It’s a weird game… but a great “Impediment To Productivity”

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