Impediment To Productivity: INSIDE A WATER BOTTLE

It takes a while to load, but oh it’s worth it.VRMAG issue 22

They have
LIFE INSIDE A WATER BOTTLE – Photo by © Thomas Mottl
So now you know why a goldfish has an attention span of 30 seconds.

They have Ballons, they have fairytales and have a look at
Matthias Taugwalder has realized an incredible dream and achievement with his stunning series of panoramas documenting his summit and descent from one of Europe’s most popular mountains, viewable in QuickTime, Java, Zoomify and SPi-V.

Say goodbye to Monday and a bunch of bandwidth. Why? There are the previous 21 issues to get through as well.

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  1. you have obviously not been watching “mythbusters” or you would know a goldfish has an excellent memory lasting days let alone 30 seconds—- much better than thisblack duck!

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