Jack Herrington’s Ultimate Chord Book

OK Folks a big big thank you to Jack Herrington for his website Jack Herrington’s Ultimate Chord Book.

I have been playing around with the DADGAD tuning on guitar for a while now ( not getting anywhere but as another Jack discovered in On The Road the journey is way more fun than the arrival… Damn Right Cody) and as I listen to people like Tony McManus (who gave one of the most generous workshops I have ever been to at the Brunswick Music Festval earlier this year, it was a hoot) and a couple of other guitarists Davey Graham, John Renbourn, Andy Irvine, Johnny Moynihan, and Donal Lunny. If you have a look down the back of your record collection you can probably find Kasmir or Black Mountain Side by LedZep, thats what it sounds like.

Anyway back to Jack and the Chord Book, this website is amazing, it is helping me get my head around constructing chords and scales in DADGAD and it has a whole bunch of other tunings available at the push of a button (look down the bottom of the chords page).

Ultimat Chord Book - C in DADGAD

Dont be put off by the “Best in IE stuff either, it works really well in Firfox 1.06 and it (The Ultimate Chord Book) started as an experiment in Python and JavaScript. The first version was completed in less than a week with Python. Now if only I could figure out DADGAD that fast…. Oh well back to that dreary old standby. Practice.



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  2. don’t you hate chord books that have more finger positions than you have fingers (maybe i am a simpson) best dadgad chord book i’ve seen!

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