Firefox Extensions by Jed Brown

Jed Brown is a man with a mission and his mission is to add a whole bunch more functionality to Firefox.
Now spiffy as Firefox is, it’s email support is a bit … hmm… less than optimum ( oh yes, I do like that for weaselling out of tight spot). Now as bizarre as it sounds, 50% of the time I am using webmail as the primary email client on my laptop. Yes I have, use and really love Thunderbird but when I am out at some client’s site working on my laptop it’s easier to use webmail (the network nazi’s block my imap settings but the web browser sails through). So the default behaviour for mailto: links becomes absolutely useless because the browser (and it’s not just Firefox that “other browser has the same problem) assumes that you want to use your desktop e-mail client (something like OE or Thunderbird or Eudora) to handle that mailto: link.

Enter Jed Brown, aforementioned “man with a mission” at and his wonderful extension WebMailCompose, an extension which lets you associate mailto: links in Firefox with the most popular webmail services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Netscape, OperaMail,, Horde (this is what I use), and SquirrelMail, plus an option for a custom client.

This is a ripper. Well worth adding and if you are a Gmail user even more reason to use it.

and the picture is an ancient Sumerian namshub. Read Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson. All will be explained.


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