Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebooks

Now for the three people on the face of the earth who haven’t read Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code yet ( and there is a crack team of dedicated couriers slashing their way through the dense African jungles to deliver these people the copy they ordered by carrier pigeon from Amazon. You think the couriers have it tough… What about the poor plucky pigeons winging across the world with the credit card in their little beaks. Priceless) , you may be wondering what all the fuss was about (the butler did it…. Nahhh just kidding).

DaVinci- Vituperian ManAnyway to help us all gain tons and tons of insight (and see if he really was part of some elaborate millenium spanning conspiracy) AskSam have put a searchable version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebooks up on the web. There is also a downloadable ebook, but no Palm or PocketPC viewer… bummer.

To quote..
“Search and analyze the Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebooks. Da Vinci’s Notebooks contain thoughts, ideas, and tips from this amazing thinker. The Notebooks are over 1,500 pages filled with all sorts of information. It’s not a page-turning novel, but a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of history’s great figures. The text is extremely useful in a searchable format.”

Now over at the Wikipedia you can find even more stuff about Leonardo, the Last Supper (click on the pic @ left), who was holding the knife, and yes, there is even an entry about The Da Vinci Code..
Oh while you are at the Wikipedia, type in Rosslyn Chapel, Jools and I, have definitely put this on the “must checkout” list the next time we pass that way. It has nothing to do with Leonardo except that it’s gloriously pretty.

Somedays the internet is a fun place to be.

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