FreeMind – mind mapping software

OK, it’s time to take over the world.
“Hmmm” says a little voice of caution in your head.
“Where do we begin”.
and that is the problem whether its world domination or just writing a blog every day.
It’s a good idea to have a road map.

Enter stage left, todays find.
FreeMind – mind mapping software; it transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking, and business information into blueprints for action, enabling teams and organizations to work faster, smarter, and with greater coordination.

It extends core mapping functionality with a host of simple tools—collaboration, distribution, administration—making it easy for business professionals (and presumably meglomaniacs) to quickly deliver bottom-line benefits enterprise-wide or take over the world. It sounds pretty doesn’t it.

What it actually does is allow you to write the digital equivalent of 3 X 5 cards with an idea or component on each one and then you move them around until you have a road map. But all the layers of detail can be closed up or opened out depending on what you need.

FreeMind is a written in Java and esoterically resembles the process descibed by Robert Pirsig, the sequel to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance called Lila. I know you didn’t read it neither have I for a long long time ( unlike Motorcycle Maint). But the idea of this process stuck with me. A lot more of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance stayed with me.

Great program, I will probably use it to get through Christmas next year. I am already jotting down a whole bunch of things from this year. Best of all FreeMind is a free software, licenced under GPL – GNU General Public License (


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