Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” 20050822

Good Morning,

And welcome to some new people (you know who you are). More websites that are either so damn silly or so amazingly well done or just made me laugh.

The “Obsessive of the Week” winner this week goes to (drum roll and the envelope please…)

First there was On The Road, hurling across Amerika in a car with Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady at a million words a mile. Jack Kerouac’s book inspires a generation to follow suit. Next we have Easy Rider, the ultimate 60’s outlaw image,Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson ride across America at 25 frames per second and re-inspire a generation.

Now we have 10mph. Two guys quit stodgy corporate jobs, scrounged up all the savings they could, collected credit cards, and stepped – or better yet – scooted forward to follow their biggest dream: to become filmmakers. Josh Caldwell rode a Segway from Seattle to Boston, while his buddy Hunter Weeks directed a film they both shot about the experience and about the moments leading up to this crazy twist on the American road trip. From cubicle farms to the open road, the film chronicles how these guys ultimately changed their lives forever (which is the whole point of road trips). They did what so many of us have always wanted to do – gave it all up for the passion inside.

Somehow I don’t see a generational paradigm shift with this one (although I do love the scene in the clip that involves a Segway, a rubbish bin and a wet drive way, play it in MEDIUM if you’ve got the bandwidth).

Next up, North Korea Need to get in touch with your inner Kim Jong-il? Then consider paying a visit to NK News, a site cataloguing the often hysterical propaganda cranked out by North Korea’s “official” news agency. With a searchable online database of every Korean Central News Agency article published since January 1996, as well as a random insult generator, NK News demonstrates that Pyongyang’s state-run media is rarely at a loss when it comes to extraordinary turns of phrase. Consider these gems, returned from NK News’ insult generator: “You reckless running dog, you would be well advised to behave with discretion!” and “You swollen-headed flunky, we will annihilate you with a fresh revolutionary upswing!”

You loudmouthed renegade, we will mercilessly crush you with the weapon of singlehearted unity! {Sorry, I pushed the button by accident… honest}

Also (in an ecumenical nod to equal time in the east), this from from the south, confused? Welcome to Monday.

Not speaking Korean it’s a bit hard to tell what Intel was going for here, but apparently the object of their Digital Home PC Contest 2005 was to build the most garish and really really pointless PC possible, I like the one built into a sofa. BUT for me the winner is the USB outfitted gold fish bowl.

Now some of the more organised of you will have noticed that we are headed into the downhill part of the year which means that The Grand Final, the Melbourne Cup and of course the dreaded Christmas are all looming . So here is the first in a series of out and out blatant hints in case any of you feel the urge to drop a little something in the stocking at year end.

This week, that ever popular theme… TOYS {insert Kermit going mental bits here} From the hype on the site… “The Dream of an R/C airplane that can be piloted in the livingroom has been realized. This is the world’s lightest and smallest ready to fly R/C Model” Needless to say I want one.

What you want more?

OK, in lieu of the steak knives here’s one for all those people who read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point, most commonly right-side-up and upside-down. In the book one of the “features” of the bad guys are these words that look the same forward or back or upside down. They looked really really cool. The stuff here is just as fascinating ( well fascinating for a Monday when the only other option is work)

and that will have to hold you because ironically I have to get to work cause I was off sick last week.


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