Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” 20050829

Good Morning,

Here is your weekly waste of time. (There is some more stuff on the blog ) anyway on with the show.

We haven’t harassed the feline animal world for a while so this week checkout

Flash Time: Spend a little time today (that’s polite for blow the whole morning) with “N, ‘the way of the Ninja.'” This Flash game will keep you occupied through 30 “episodes” of gold, exploration, and killer robots. I like the character animation here. It’s really expressive for something that is so simple. A perfect way to start the week ! Make sure the volume is down.

Poom is like that game you play when you’ve only got one ping pong paddle (or tennis racket) and one ball: you just keep bouncing the ball straight up in the air. Except, er, Poom is really fun(??). The catch, your “paddle” consists of an ever-changing grid of blocks.

Obsessive of the Week: (This from Jools… well spotted) Who knew that Central Park had a Ha Ha (it’s a way of annoying sheep) and I dont care what he says, this is a leftover from Armegeddon (the movie… if it had been the real event you wouldn’t be reading this)

Conspiracy theory catalogues. Now face it folks taking over the world is a thankless task and you have to get your laughs where you can. I’ll bet Dan Brown is thumbing through this as we speak, planning his next book. (The Illuminati Guide to Mirth and Merriment… presumably starring Jim Carey and Robin Williams). I was disappointed that there wasn’t a glow in the dark Illuminati pyramid.

This is scary.

Teaser for next week. At first I thought this was an ad for Blood of the Lamb laundry detergent (“are you Washed in Blood of the Lamb?”) {ooops the good taste chip is broken again} but it turns out to be a lovingly restored 1927 recording, probably from a radio broadcast. Doesn’t the internet amaze you? It does me.


{who is listening to Kings of Leon and Art of Noise (it’s a weird retro thing) and the 3RRR radiothon}

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