Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” 20050907

Good Morning and welcome to your week.

This week only the regular assortment of stuff that amused me ( the audio special is being “held over” as they say). Don’t forget to waste some time at the blog

So on with the show… This contribution from Mark at DrumDrumWaterToys .

“I’ve finally found a religion I can believe in (just waiting for the next time 7th day Adventists knock on my door so I can explain my religious beliefs to them in great detail!)”: (touched by His Noodly Appendage)

This item is from Jools

Q: Why is duct tape like the force. A: Because it has a light side and a darkside and binds the universe together.

Actually I have always preferred Gaffa tape myself but as you will see there is more to duct tape than meets the eye. Powerful it is in the force.

Now I know I am going to lose a few of you here because I am about to mention Star Trek, but before you dash off just think off all the things that Star Trek has done for you. Automatic doors, tablet PC’s, and now as spotted by Seona, mobile phones,1382,68577,00.html?tw=3Drss.TOP

Beam me up Scotty

Lego (you remember the stuff) that doesn’t get lost up a vacumn cleaner and your siblings (you know who you are) cant knock off the last 4 red blocks that you need. {Insert bitter and twisted mutterings here}.

File this under “wish we had this when we were kids”: LEGO is starting a new program called LEGO Factory where you can download a desktop application that allows you to create a custom brick design. You can take the designs you create using the LEGO Digital Designer software, upload them to the LEGO website, and actually order a kit of LEGO bricks that will make the design you spec’d out, a custom Lego Kit {insert head shaking in amazement here}. This one goes a long way to explaining why the audio special will be along next week.

Continuing the Blocks theme:

Blockdude is a simple platform puzzle where you, Blockdude, have to reach each level’s exit. In order to do so you have to shuffle around the blocks to form platforms and steps. Of course, you can only pick up one block at once, and can only jump up one block-height. Not exactly a ground-breaking concept, but Blockdude is challenging, well-executed, and fun.

Warehouse is a challenging Flash puzzle game by Nick Kouvaris. The graphics and gameplay are simplistic, but it sucks you in pretty fast. The goal is to get to the exit (marked “E”) by knocking over the stacks of boxes to form a path. The warehouse metaphor is pretty loose, since the game is really just a grid with some colored boxes and a few numbers, but despite its simplicity it’s very tricky and very fun? also checkout the list of stuff on the left of his screen. This person seriously needs a life.

Wordslider is a word game, (ya think?). In Wordslider the object is to drag around the letter blocks on the screen in order to form words in the given word list. In that sense it’s more of a puzzle game than a word game (since having a good vocabulary or spelling skills won’t really help you), but it is challenging, seriously addicting, and definitely fun. (as a bonus it’s fairly quiet). This one also goes a long way to explaining why the audio special will be along next week.

have a great week


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