Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051003

Well it’s been a busy week, so here are a few quick ones and then I have to get back to my Java homework.

Lets start with stupidity. Read this
and remember “I am not making this up”.

Continuing with the theme… It’s Monday, your back at work, so lets review THE BASIC LAWS OF HUMAN STUPIDITY by Carlo M. Cipolla. This is from the late 80’s and I vaguely remember reading it in one of the Whole Earth publications a long long timme ago.

I will bet nearly everyone will go “that’s stupid” and then laugh. Like an autobahn crash, you just can?t look away from these Czech animatronic “peeing” statues. The figures actually “write? quotes into the pool from famous Prague residents via their, uh, fleshy stylus (dodged that spam protector bullet). Immune to stage fright, the stream of quotes can be interrupted via an SMS message which these 2.1-meter bronze gods-o-piddle obediently begin to dribble.

There is more stuff on the Thatchspace Blog

and it wouldn’t be a Monday Morning without a game or two. Hyper Frame is a brilliant Shockwave (read: resource-hogging) game where you try to connect the like-colored dots on the surface of a cube. It’s easy at first (says who), but gets complicated quickly as the number of colors and barriers increases–you can’t cross paths and there’s only so much space on the cube.

The phrase “real estate game” doesn’t exactly get me excited, but Mansion Impossible is a fun, challenging, and fast-paced Flash real estate trading game. You start out wtih $100,000 and must buy properties?starting with the cheap ones, of course?when they’re cheap and sell them when their value reaches its peak. As you amass more wealth you can move up to the nicer properties untl you can afford that $10 million mansion. The better you are at “twitch speed” the faster you’ll reach your goal. (Wasting Monday Morning profitably).

Have a good week. Check the blog every so often it’s updated at least daily. stuff. Let me know if you like the new look.


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