Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051023


Good morning,

OK, lets start with some “eye candy”,
WARNING. Big download, takes a while but I found it brilliant.
These people should have taken the blue pill.

Now while you are waiting for the previous link to download, Have a look at this time waster. Grid Game is a Flash game with consists of a grid of tiles, each of which has a curve on it that can connect to adjacent tiles. You can click on a single tile to spin it 90 degrees, and if it connects with a neighbouring tile that tile will rotate 90 degrees, too, and so on in a chain reaction. You get a point for each tile you spin, and though you could strategise, it’s much more fun to just cross your fingers, click on a promising-looking tile, and see what happens.

This is a concentration game but the Flash front end is a treat. Look for a memory bubble. (God the sounds like a line from a science fiction novel).

New Stuff on the ThatchSpace Blog Have a look at all the recent “Mondays” stuff.

Someone is going to hell. Darth Vader Alert. This is an absolute hoot.

The people who wrote this game are well on their way too, especially if I catch them. Panda Bounce is a way too cute Flash game from the same mould as Breakout. You control a pair of squirrels ( I am not making this up) at the bottom which in turn hold a trampoline which you use to keep the panda from hitting the ground. As the panda flies through the air he collects fruit, and once you’ve collected enough fruit (indicated by the numbers at the top of the screen), golden apples begin to appear which you must collect in order to the reach the next level. There are also various power-ups like monkies and ninjas to help you collect more fruit. Since the game is Korean, it takes a wee bit of figuring out, but is definitely an Impediment to Productivity.

Have a good week. Pop into the blog for updates during the week

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



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