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Good morning, another week and another Monday just waiting to be filled up with non productive goodness (Note to self: Stop watching Mythbusters).

This weeks “I had nothing to do with it… Blame Chris” item comes appropriately enough from Chris, who writes

“how bout this for the blog!

trogdor: the legend is born: (stay with it, the song at the end is hilarious) and don’t forget trogdor the game:

that is all!” Me, I am scrubbing my hands as fast as I can.

Now this is really really silly. Renault (who won the Car builders section of the Formula One “Waste Petrol as Fast As We Can ” festival) have tuned one of their Formula One engines to sing that great Queen classic “We are the Champions” (remember I am not making this up).

There’s an explanation(? what’s wrong with “just because we can”) and a sound sample at Autoblog. and to hear just the MP3 (Now if they can get the engine to do it on the track next year while crossing the finish line that would be cool.)

The things people do with toys… and then there’s this seriously cool piece of toyhacking.

HOW TO Build a pinhole camera from Lego This build-log details an ingenious project to build a medium-format pinhole camera out of Lego.

Some photos taken with it at Now I can’t see Nikon or Kodak actually worrying to much but I for one am impressed. This guy wins.

On the subject of pics. Long before there was Flash there were GIF anims. See if you can guess. Hint: Long ago in a galaxy… and there is also this. Watch the little green dude get down and show us his moves.
{quick status check… yep I’m still going to hell}

Ooh, we need a games fix I suppose, how about the Babycal Throw.
I have no idea what’s going on in this weird little Flash game, but it’s fun. In Babycal Throw, a series of little green men (no NOT Yoda) walk across the screen. When you click on them, some sort of can shoots from their back, straight up, and if it falls on the head of another little guy, you get points and the can on his back also shoots up in the air. If you hit the same guy several times, you’re rewarded with more guys, and so on and so on. For a good analysis of the strategy involved, check out
Be warned seriously addictive.

Have a good week. Pop into the blog for updates during the week if you have a chance

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



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