Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051107

Good morning, well I hope we all had a fun week. Lets get this one off
to a good start by doing as little as possible productive stuff.

Gems is yet another in the endless parade of Flash games where you match
up like-coloured hexagonal gems to eliminate them from the screen. You
can move gems around to the left or right by clicking on blocks of
three, If you can make a cluster of three or more gems of the same
colour, they disappear and more fall from the top to fill in the gaps.
Fun and addicting and oh so Bedazzled.

Ear Candy Time.
Aurgasm has a mission and that mission is to let you hear all the music
you never knew you liked. Aurgasm provides a really eclectic range
of music to listen to, to try out and to inspire you. Give your ears a
treat, go and have a listen. Highly recommended. The Imogen Heap
interview was featured on thatchspace yesterday.

Stairway 2 Heaven is a Flash game (oooh that was a big surprise) where
you control a ninja who jumps on moving platforms, always ascending, and
collecting vinyl records and killing baddies on the way. The controls
are a doddle two keys and the mouse. Your goal, is to win of course. If
someone has any luck with this, tell me.

Lets try a slightly different tack here. Keynote, is a handy open-source
outliner that includes macro functions, can import and export RTF files,
and even has its own built-in mini-calculator. Now some of you might go
“Aha this isn’t an “Impediment to Productivity”… explain that” but
you would be wrong. Think of all the fun you can have learning how to
use the program and plausibly arguing with the bosses about how much
time you will save. Trust Me.

And this is from Chris (you remember Chris from last weeks “I had
nothing to do with it… Blame Chris” item) Chris is a glutton for
punishment (and potentially devoid of taste) this weeks “I had nothing
to do with it… Blame Chris” item, we are going for the “classic art
meets 20th century scaries”. Grab a copy of Sisters Wendy’s History of
Art Book and see how many of the originals you can name.
(There will be an exam).

And speaking of exams I have to study for my Java Programming exam, so I
had had best leave it there.

Have a good week. Pop into the blog ( )for the odd update during the week.

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



{ Currently listening to Frou Frou ( I will get over it I promise) and
Emer Mayock and Interpol }
{ Quick Status Check: Hmm… STILL Going to Hell }


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  1. “Gems is yet another in the endless parade of Flash games…” aaarrgghhhhhh! No more.. please I don’t want to go to the next level…let me out!

    Level 5 and going strong

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