Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051205


It’s a real dogs breakfast this week…

This is one of those really really weird curiosities that intrigue me…
Prince Rupert�s Drops are created by dripping molten glass into water.
The rapid cooling of the outside of the drop sets an enormous tensile
stress in in the droplet. Hit the droplet with a hammer and it won�t
break, but if you break a little bit of the tail the droplet will explode.
Here�s a video of Prince Rupert Drops.
Here’s the Wikipedia entry about what’s going on.

Lets blow the day completely.
The Virgin Digital Find the 72 Bands competition is the cleverest piece
of marketing I have seen in ages. If you haven�t already got the picture
in an e-mail forward, you can get it at the Virgin Digital site.

Guaranteed to provide endless hours of amusement and head scratching,
it�s a large image which contains graphic representations of 72 band names.
There are some clever answers here but see how far you get before you
use it.

A Christmas list maybe?
Never forget the milk (or anything else) again.
Remember The Milk is the easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists
online. With Remember the Milk you can set due dates for your tasks,
assign colour-coded priorities, categorize your tasks (e.g. Work,
Personal, Xmas etc.), create tasks that repeat every day, week, etc.,
store unlimited notes for each task, get reminders via e-mail, IM, or
SMS, send tasks to others people, and undo most actions. The interface
is simple and attractive but how to do everything isn’t entirely
straightforward from the get-go, so some exploring is necessary, but
otherwise Remember the Milk is very impressive, and it’s completely free
to boot.

This could be the last Christmas before something like this happens to
you. Send the EFF a Christmas present.

Add this weeks Flash game and Blame {insert usual disclaimer here} is
courtesy of Andie.
to quote
“…for those of us who work…:)

Andie. ”
Yeah right Andie, we believe you. And NO WAY. I am not using the
penguin. My “Good Taste Chip” forbids me. But it was very cool. Totally
Tasteless but very cool.

My Google Maps obsession continues. Today it gives you a great map by
which you can view New York City traffic! NYSee is a fun application
that uses Google Maps to show where various traffic cameras are around
New York City. You can then select the camera and get its feed right there!

Lets annoy the Boss. Turn up the volume and check out KCRW plays a
free-form collection of modern, “eclectic” music. According
to the station’s web site,

” The station’s eclectic mix combines world beat, pop, jazz, rap,
hip-hop, reggae, African, new wave, classical and new music with
numerous live in-studio interviews and performances. ”

Because KCRW’s playlist is completely created by its staff, not by a
committee of corporate lackeys, KCRW is one of the best places in the
world to find new music, music that no other radio station in the
world is playing…yet. I say “yet” because KCRW has a knack of
launching the music careers of unknown artists. For example, KCRW was
the first radio station in the world to play Norah Jones, Dido and
Coldplay [which may not be a reccomendation.] But they are playing KT

You can listen to KCRW online. Just point your web browser to

KCRW’s Music stream is available in four formats: Real Player, Windows
Media Player, SHOUTcast streaming MP3, and iTunes. Don’t miss “Morning
Becomes Eclectic” at

or Indeum.
Have a listen to MaryAnne Crook and the Renderers NightTrain and let me
know what you think. I’m not sure.

Have a good week. Pop into the blog ( )for the odd update during the

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



{ Currently listening to The Shins and Johnny Clegg and Afroskull – it
just keeps getting weirder}
{ Quick Status Check: Still Going to Hell? }

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