Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051212


Well that was fun.

The Christmas spirit (18 years old from the top bit of Scotland… not too peaty please) is starting to circulate.

So in the spirit of the season lets get Santa. The blame for this is to
Chris F (you remember him… he’s been blamed for lots of stuff. Way to
much bandwidth)
I quote
“(impediment to productivity – or is flash the enemy? 🙂 ) ”
Thanks Chris I await the next one as do we all.

This was from Jools. (Yes it’s finally her turn for blame)
Anna Lou Leibovitz (or Annie as she is now known seiing as how we’ve
all alledgedly grown up) is an amazing photographer, she used to work
for the Rolling STone (back when it was about music… yep that long
ago). She took the famous John and Yoko photos, probably the best photos
ever of the Glimmer Twins and has documented large chunks of our collective pop culture history. A few years back Vogue snapped her up and she is just getting better and better. The theme for this shoot is the Wizard of Oz. Click the picture link at the botoom of the articla and check out her stuff. (Keep an eye out for Jeff Koons as a Winged Monkey (I am still laughing as I type this). Thanks love, it was a ripper.

Awhile ago I found this weird flash game called Samarost
basically you had to save a interstellar lump of petrified wood from (da
da da dum) certain doom. It struck me at the time as just way to weird to inflict on you all.
Turns out I was wrong Part 2 has been released!
So this is the continuing saga of the little white gnome (it will make
sense??? after you see the first one), and I’ve barely just begun to
get into this one (and I never finished the first one anyway), but this time the author has provided cheat codes and a walkthrough for the gaming impaired {that would be me}. Gotta love it just for the
look… it’s great eye candy

More of the sadistic Christmas spirit. In the spirit (most single malts
make excellent Christmas spirits) the Virtual Snowglobe.
Sure, they could have put pretty pictures of christmassy stuff and let
you shake that snow around… where’s the fun in that? Instead you watch
tiny people go about their snowy business while you play God and shake
their world. Make sure you turn up the audio, because the little
citizens of the snowglobe really have some attitude. Messing with the
universe? It’s fun! For at least two minutes anyway. I really really
really want Pixar to do a version.

and to finish it off this week According to this article.
Board games make a great gift. Matthew Baldwin at The Morning News has a
great round up of great games for just about anyone this holiday season.

They work well as presents, and can turn a situation where your
sitting around silently with people you only half know into a situation
where you are—OK, well, where you’re still sitting around silently with
people you only half know, but now at least you’ll have something to
concentrate on and, with any luck, a heavily spiked eggnog on hand.
{What nothing from the Highlands of Scotland?} Alcohol may be the social
lubricant, but sometimes you find yourself in need of an entire engine.

Have a good week. Pop into the blog ( ) for the odd update during the

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



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