Monday Morning “Impediment to Productivity” – 20051219


The Christmas juggernaut continues to roll over us.

Owing to the late arrival of some 12 year old Christmas spirit, I think it’s a fairly safe bet that this is the last one of these this year, besides who’s going to be at work next Monday any way.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Now seeing as many of you will have some time off over the next couple
of week and because you’ve been such good children, Here is a nice toy
for you to play with over the holiday:

This one needs to downloaded. But it doesn’t need to be installed.
It runs from a folder, so you can save it to your USB key at work and
take it home and play it there or round at the relatives after the usual
Christmas Day overindulgence.
(The Christmas Spirit may prove a serious Impediment; it’s quite fast)

Oh yes its the final Blame of the year and seeing as how Chris F ( You
remember him) has been such a major contributor to this section, I feel
we should blame him one last time for the year”
I quote…
“this impeded my productivity for 5 minutes.
I think that makes it a candidate….”
Thanks Chris I await the next one in the New Year.

More Blame

This is from Bruce. Bruce is a new competitor, he enjoys cats, computers
and has been known to imbibe Christmas Spirit.

I quote…

“Hello possums.
Please go to for some
Christmas wishes … but watch out for those bastard penguins.

Ho ho ho, ”

(Excellent advice Bruce… I hope Micro$cum are listening}

And seeing as how the cute stakes have been entered. Here is an entry.
Where is that Christmas spirit. (Hmm 15 yr old Glenlivet… very nice).
So the next time one of those Powerpoint thingies comes around and you
think will I send this on. You can now answer No.

and in case you were wondering what to get Dubya… a brain or an
appreciation of irony. Check out this interview. (then hit the Christmas

Don Mclean? American Pie? “drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was
dry” It’s a song George not a statement of fact. Try looking out the
window. The White House… an irony free zone.

And finally; for all you cat owners out there.
“PawSense analyzes keypress timings and combinations to distinguish cat
typing from human typing. PawSense normally recognizes a cat on the
keyboard within one or two pawsteps.” Awesome!

There is a practical upshot to all this cat typing detection though: “If
a cat gets on the keyboard, PawSense makes a sound that annoys cats.”
They should try John Howard speeches… oh…. wait … that actually
annoys me. So when the cat typing detector is activated the keyboard is
also locked, and your cat kitty can’t start hacking into your New World
“deliver the food” account and order up big on the Snappy Tom.

On that note Have a good week or two. Pop into the blog ( )for the odd update during the
week. (Obsessives never sleep… they just imbibe Christmas Spirit.)

See you in the New Year

Also let me know if you don’t want this any more



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self evident I think}

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