My Top Ten CSS Tricks [CSS Tutorials]

Well straight up the tips aren’t mine they belong to Trenton Moss at Sitepoint who has written an interesting CSS tutorial “My Top Ten CSS Tricks

To quote

CSS can be complex, and as each new browser version is released, you may well find yourself struggling to keep up with the latest tips and hacks. But those tips and hacks will save your sanity! Here, I’ve put together the ten tips that I find most helpful, to save you the hassle of scrounging around the Web for solutions when time is tight.

The IE minimum page width hack is pretty interesting. (Number 3 on the list)

He also wrote CSS and Round Corners: Build Accessible Menu Tabs which is a really good article as well, he shows how to get those cute file tab menu items, sort of like the Amazon site.

This CSS stuff gets better and better.


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