On Windows Vista, DRM, and new monitors

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On Windows Vista, DRM, and new monitors

Yes folks if the powers that be get their way, you will have to buy a nice shiny new monitor to watch your High Definition version of “the directors cut of the repackaged 30 minutes longer usual crap”. The “bad guys” (read RIAA MPAA and an assortment of government Free Trade agreements) have decided that seeing as how they can’t retrofit your eyes for DRM (yet) the next best thing is to make sure you can only watch on an “approved” device. This is happening at the same time as Hollywood is having it’s worst year for flogging stuff for ages. Believe it or not Hollywood is blaming piracy, home theatres, Playstations, the weather, the price of petrol, fire ants, black cats and just about everything else under the sun EXCEPT for the fact that they are putting out crap movies that no one wants to see once let alone buy on DVD.

But lets get back to the monitors. This restriction also applies to the High Definition Televisions that are coming on the market. As devices converge PC’s/Televisions/Sound systems/ the fridge and coffeepot (now there’s a thought someone needs to come up with an algorithm that predicts when the next ad is due on the tele… face it, it wont be that long, and tell the internet enabled kettle to start so that it has boiled for when you dash out during the ad breaks). The situation will probably arise that the $6000 42″ LCD television you are considering buying ( and aren’t we all) won’t play a DVD off your media PC. Free trade agreements, Digital Rights and all the other stuff doesn’t affect you. Want to make a bet… lets say $6000.

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