Opera Web Browser

First it was free for a day, then it was free for two days and now it looks like it’s pemanent. Opera, once driven by either ads or fees, has decided to just forget about all that e-commerce hooey and just be free. It loooks like they want to carve out some market share before the IE7 juggernaut descends.

The hype from their site:
“Opera has removed the banners, found within our browser, and the licensing fee. Opera’s growth, due to tremendous worldwide customer support, has made today’s milestone an achievable goal. Premium support is available.”

I assume that the “Premium Support” is how they are going to bankroll this largesse.

The Opera Web Browser is blindingly fast and seriously tempts me away from Firefox. Gmail works a treat in it and it is pretty standards compliant. A great tool to have on your machine especially if you are in research mode, keep Opera around for times when you need to do a real quick surf on a particular topic. With image-loading and author-mode CSS toggled off, nothing beats it for speed.

It also handles RSS feeds quite well, just click on an RSS feed button (there’s on over on the right) and it will set it up for you.

Seriously worth a look.

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