Impediment To Productivity: Puki

What you need yet another games fix? It’s only Wednesday.

PukiTry PukiGame

Puki: The Swarm is a first-person Flash game in which you walk down an endless corridor and get attacked by “cute” but vicious Pukis. But it’s really quite a lot more fun than it sounds.

Simple Controls.

  • A/D Move Left or Right
  • W/S Move Faster or Slower
  • SHIFT Crouch or Pick up stuff
  • SPACE Emergency Shield (you will be needing this)
  • mouse Look/Aim/Click to Shoot

Simple gameplay and the graphics are a bit low-contrast but suprisingly easy to hide away behind a Word Document if the “powers that be” stroll over to see what you are up to. Check it out.

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