A Pocket Watches For Druids

I’m sorry but this was just one of those wonderfully ludicrous things that you see and just want. No good reason required.

Pocketwatch for Druids

A Pocket Watches For Druids

So all this whizbang you beaut technology stuff, atomic clocks GPS based timesync modules, internet time servers and the like, is well, leaving us with feelings of nostalgia for times past when for example telling the time was based on a quick look at the sky, bung a stick in the ground and bugger me it’s Eleven o’clock… the perfect time for a little smackerel of something.

It’s just too easy to tell time these days, which is why Sharpe Products is ignoring the Royal Society and all that 18th century mechanical horological nonsense and going back to the roots (so to speak) and flogging the Stonehenge Watch. Although not the first portable sundial we’ve seen, see the aforementioned stick in the ground. “This pocketwatch manages the perfect blend of style and street cred for the Druid-on-the-go”.

The Stonehenge has an exact, miniature replica of the henge die-cast on one side, and a compass on the other to help you get your bearings (any debates about Magnetic North, Leylines, Pyramids and Cropcircles can wait) . Sharpe obviously realizes the frustration you may encounter using this archaic method and should the disquieting feelings about modern technology wander off down the pub for a quick one, they thoughtfully included an analog mechanical horological device (a clock with hands) on the outside of the case. Just in case (sorry).

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